Big success has been achieved for the pollution problem in Ha Long bay

They have moved some floating villages to the main land. Besides Ha Long bay Management, the Management of Cat Ba bay (Lan Ha bay and other small bays around) was set up. We have been working with, persuading and consulting them how to keep the bays clean and protect the natural beauty. Thanks to this, the garbage bins are put in front of floating houses. A team is paid to collect from those bins. A full small boat of rubbish is collected every day. Let’s imagine if this amount is thrown to the bay! They are also trying to control the number of floating farms and the amount of sand they use for the mussel farms. It takes time to change but we should say that the water looks much cleaner now than few months ago. It is unfair to put all the shame on the local fishermen as most of them are uneducated. Everyday they only run generators couple of hours to watch movies, news or for karaoke. They have no newspapers, books or any media to help them to understand about environment. It is the local authorities who have to be educated first and to take action. We are glad that people start taking this issue into consideration.  

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