Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong) is a complex of many relics and scenic beauty including caves, temples covered by verdant vegetation which belongs to My Duc district, Ha Tay province (now belongs to Hanoi)- one of the most famous Buddhist sites in Vietnam. Despite the destruction of time, Perfume pagoda keeps its whole evergreen beauty. And that is the reason why getting there, everyone can find its nobleness and ancientness which is a national specification. Among these many landscapes of Huong Son, Huong Tich cavern is one of the most beautiful.
  •  -Make sure that you can start early from your hotel so you can avoid the traffic jam and crowded time in Perfume pagoda.
  • After 2 hours driving through scenic countryside, you get to Ben Duc to take the boat. You have one hour on the rowing boat for relaxing and viewing the scenery along the Yen stream.
  • Get off the boat and start trekking up to the top of the mountain for the main cavern Huong Tich which was discovered in the 11th century and has been used as the place of Buddhism worshiping since 1687.
  • Trek down to the foot of the mountain and lunch is served there in a local restaurant.
  • Continue to visit Thien Tru pagoda (Heaven Kitchen) which was first built in 15th century, and then take the rowing boat back.
  • Drive back to Hanoi 
Price: just for private tour so it depends on your group size. Inclusive services:
Lunch, rowing boat, entrance tickets, private car/van, guide.
  • Cable car service is available and not included.
  • Notes: Wearing shorts are not widely accepted at temples and pagodas in Vietnam.

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